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Answers to all of your most frequently asked questions. Any questions that are not answered here, please send them to us from the contact form on the contact us page. Thank you for your interest in Precious Heart Publishing.


Q: Why is there no pricing on the website?


A: There is no pricing on the Precious Heart Publishing website, because pricing is contingent on services. Pricing for editing and printing services are based off of number of words, pages, illustrations, and book dimensions.


Q: Why do I need to get an editor to edit my book?


A: A non-edited or poorly edited book is a bad reflection on the author. Your book needs to tell a compelling story without grammatical errors, confusing sentence structure, and improper punctuation. A skilled editor is trained to bring stories to life and keep the reader wanting more, without changing your voice of the story.


Q: Can I just buy a consultation, and no other services?


A: Yes, authors are able to purchase a consultation only from Precious Heart Publishing, that will walk the author through the process of manuscript completion to book printing and marketing.


Q: Who owns all the rights and royalites to my book?


A: The author owns all of the rights and royalties to their book. Precious Heart Publishing is a service for hire publisher.


Q: If my book is featured in the Precious Heart Publishing Bookstore, who gets the money if it sells?


A: Precious Heart Publishing will purchase all featured books from authors at wholesale price, and promote and sell copies that are on hand.


Q: Can I pick and choose the services that I want Precious Heart Publishing to provide?

A: Yes, Precious heart Publishing is an a la carte publisher. The author my purchase one, two, or all of the services.

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