Search The Word

Search The Word

Search The Word is an apostolic word search study booklet derived from dynamic, Holy Spirit inspired messages delivered by Apostle Dr. K. D. Success LaGrone.

Search The Word is designed to give prophetic revelation and divine strategy to overcome life's obstacles.

Search The Word includes, in each word search, Biblical scriptures to read, study, meditate and apply. Note pages are included to document your prophetic revelation and divine strategy from the Lord as He speaks to your heart.

Search The Word will inspire you to be victorious and successful..."seek and ye shall find." Enjoy Search The Word!

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    Please contact (469) 444-0714 to order SUCCESS resources or to confirm Dr.
    LaGrone as prophetic speaker or servant leadership trainer. Thanks for your gracious
    prayers and seeds of support so that Kingdom works can continue efficiently.
    May the Lord increase you more and more... Psalms 115:14




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