The Best Budz - There's A New Kid In Town

The Best Budz - There's A New Kid In Town


Come join in on all the amazing adventures as I introduce you to The Best Budz: Hanna, Bella, Sajan, Aki, and the newest Best Bud; Uriah. Uriah moves into the neighbor and instantly becomes budz with the entire gang, but not without a little hesitation first, from the always outspoken and sometimes whiny Hannah. However that doesn’t stop Uriah from being the perfect bud to join along on the many exciting quests that lay ahead for this bright bunch of kiddos. And Hannah learns the important lesson that you don’t have to be mean just because things don’t always go your way; you have to compromise. Hold on to your seat, it’s going to be a blast!!!!
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    The Best Budz - There's A New Kid In Town
    Author: Erica Mills-Hollis
    Pages: 27
    ISBN: 978-0-9859397-3-1




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